Meet Our Team

"Individually we are a drop but together, we are an ocean." -Ryunosuke Satoro

Our Project Managers

Selina Eshraghi: Youth Co-Licensee

Selina is an accomplished senior at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. She’s passionate about her work as an independent graphic designer and social media strategist as well as her work as an artist, having performed in Carnegie Hall as a vocalist and passed the Grade 7 ABRSM Exam for Piano. This past year she focused on her work with Strongheart Group, designing Sonita Alizadeh’s international youth campaign which launches this September. In addition to her work with Strongheart, she currently leads the 2017 TEDxYouth@Austin team which curates one of the largest and oldest TEDxYouth events worldwide. Selina also participates in her school’s FIRST Robotics Competition team, which recently won the Engineering Inspiration Award and a NASA Sponsorship at the 2016 Global Finals. In her spare time, Selina enjoys embarking on her thirteenth year of piano studies, painting, and running around the city of Austin with her Canon camera. Through all of her work she has realized the power of storytelling to rally youth minds for social change.

Matthew Kearney: Project Manager

Matthew is a junior at Westlake High School. He's the Student Council Vice-President,involved in the Challenge Success Initiative and serves on committees focused on revising the GPA system. Matthew is also a highly competitive cross country and distance track runner. Go Matthew, go!

Our Team Leads

Alisha Ahmed: Registration Lead

Alisha is a senior at LASA High School. This is her third year being involved with TEDxYouth@Austin, and she is ecstatic about leading Registration this year. In her free time, Alisha enjoys volunteering at St. David's Hospital, painting, and singing. In addition, she loves spending time with her friends and family.

Emily Chang: Graphic Design & Branding Co-Lead

Emily Chang is a senior at Westwood High School. This is her third year on the TED team, and she was previously an Experience Design co-lead. Additionally, she is the Executive Editor of Westwood Student Press and the Chief Marketing officer of connect(ed) Digital.

Divya Choudhury: Experience Design Lead

Divya Choudhury is a senior at Westwood High School. She’s the COO of connect(ed) digital, plays soccer, runs cross country, and definitely doesn’t get enough sleep. Divya loves to read, obsess over fonts, and spend time with her friends and family.

Nirali Devgan: Logistics Lead

Nirali is a junior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School. 2017 marks her second year with TEDxYouth@Austin. She is her theater troupe's president, the student council Vice President, and a tennis varsity player. Nirali loves to share her passion of meeting and inspiring new people with the youth.

Campbell Erickson: Youth Mentor

Campbell Erickson, a 17-year-old high schooler from Austin, Texas, is passionate about social entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving. His nonprofit, A Youth Mind, uses photography, storytelling, and microfinance to empower youth in the developing world.

Zane Giordano: xLabs Co-Lead

Zane is a junior at Westlake High School. He has been part of the TEDx community for 4 years now. Zane also participates in a popular Physics study group.

Tasnim Islam: Photography Lead

Tasnim is very involved in HOSA, Model UN, and debate. She's a regional officer for HOSA, and her love for planning events and sharing ideas has led her to the tedx team. She's passionate about learning different cultures, and she hopes to experience and capture them with her camera in the future. She obsesses over Rihanna in her free time, and if you want to have a lengthy conversation about anything from International Relations to Rihanna related, Tasnim would be perfect!

Devika Kumar: Outreach Lead

Devika is a senior at Westwood High School and the 2017 Outreach Lead. She loves spending time with her dog, Raja, and her friends on TEDxYouth@Austin and drumline. Devika first attended the Limitless event, and has dived further into the extraordinary TEDx mindset through Girl Scouts, DECA, Marching Band, and National Honor Society. Devika wishes to study International Relations in the future, and continue cooking, calligraphy, and reading.

Kate Lee: Ambassadors Lead

Kate is a sophomore at Westwood High School. She hopes to study English Literature and to happily spend the rest of her life surrounded by books. She swears by the power of words and loves Harry Potter and Jane Eyre. This is Kate’s first year on the TED team, and she is excited to work with the her team.

Judy Li: Graphic Design Co-Lead

Judy is a senior at McNeil High School.Outside of TED, she participates in organizations such as National Honor Society and the Student Leadership Advisory Committee, and is co-president of Serving Our Society. She enjoys photography, spending time at local animal shelters, and travelling the world.

Amaya Mali: Video Lead

Amaya is a 17 senior at Westlake High School. She has been a part of the TEDx community for 4 years and lead photography last year. She is an active member in various other school clubs and a Co-Leader of another project called WHS Lily Pad Project

Mindy Maung: Graphic Design & Branding Co-Lead

Mindy is a senior at McNeil High School. This is her first year being on the TEDxYouth@Austin team and is excited about being a part of the Graphic Design team.. Aside from her extracurricular activities, she spends most weekends hidden in a book, writing html, or playing piano.

Disha Rao: Website Co-Lead


Sid Rao: X-Labs Co-Lead

Sid is a senior at Westlake High school. After joining the team in his junior year, Sid pioneered Global Connectivity, and now is a co-lead of xLabs. Since his experiences in school, Sid has become more business-centric and plans on pursuing a career in it.

Alisha Rawal: Registration Lead

Alisha Rawal is a native Austinite and is currently a sophomore at Westwood High School. She joined TEDxYouth@Austin 2 years ago, after attending the 2014 (in)visible event. With a passion for the visual arts and design, she today co-leads TEDxYouth@Austin branding team.

Yash Sarda: Production Lead

Yash is a high school student with a love of anything airborne. Born and raised Texan, but has fallen in love with Austin and its vibrancy. You can find him doing robotics or playing video games is his free time. He joined TEDxYouth@Austin to help facilitate ideas worth sharing, and learn something new himself.

Rubina Singh: Experience Design Lead

Rubina Singh is a current senior at Westwood High School. She is involved in soccer, cross country, National Honor Society, and connect(ed) Digital, a nonprofit organization working to expose elementary students to basic coding.

Rohit Srinivasin: Financials Lead

Rohit is a Junior attending Westlake High School. Rohit is one of the project leads for Chap Reaserch's Chap Torque – a project that is working on characterizing the performance characteristics of different polymers used for 3D printing. Previously, Rohit was an intern at Structured Polymers Inc., a local startup engaged in polymer development for SLS based 3D printing and a summer intern at UT’s Material Sciences program. In addition to a passion for entrepreneurship, Rohit’s skills include 3D printing, SolidWorks, and fundraising.

Anjali Sundaram: Ambassadors Co-Lead

Anjali Sundaram is a senior at Cedar Park High School. She is involved in a number of clubs and organizations. Her hope is to change the world using only her words. TEDxYouth@Austin gives her a chance to inspire those around her and to be inspired.

Caitlin Tibbetts: Website Co-Lead

Caitlin Tibbetts is a junior at LASA High School here in the wonderful city of Austin, TX. Caitlin has a passion for learning and having new experiences and that's what led her to join the TedxYouth@Austin team for the first time, this year. Her other passion (because no one can have too many) is computer science and programming, which is what she wants to go into for college and the years beyond. She is also the webmaster for the LASA Literary Society, a book club at LASA, and the junior officer for the Global FEMpowerment Club, which seeks to use education about women in the community and around the world to promote solidarity.

Nolan Weinschenk: Speakers Lead

Nolan Weinschenk is a junior from Westlake High School. Nolan is a passionate musician, an avid rock climber, and a quantum physics enthusiast. Nolan runs his own company, YouthQuartet, which enables youth musicians to play at professional venues. Nolan also runs a micro-finance program.

Koby Wheeler: Social Media Lead

As a TEDx Organizer, Entrepreneur, Student, Filmmaker, Salad "Artist" and Storyteller Koby gets the unique opportunity to truly, authentically connect with people. He get to work with plenty of people from different backgrounds, giving me the privilege to hear their stories and ideas and foster them to life.

Jason Zhao: Youth Mentor

Jason is a social entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. He’s passionate about the intersection of business and politics, and he sees entrepreneurship as the most powerful agent for creating social change. He views entrepreneurship as a way to constantly question the assumptions of the world.

Our Adult Mentors

Nancy Giordano

Nancy Giordano brought TEDxAustin to town eight years ago and has been a big champion for this Youth event – eager to join hundreds around the world doing the same. With a passion for seeing the potential in everything, she loves her work as a “cultural acupuncturist," naturally weaving ideas together to build teams and organizations that contribute meaningfully to our futures.

Carol Reese

Carol Reese is an educator in Eanes ISD and an enthusiastic supporter of the idea that TED talks are not just for adults. After years of inviting speakers with “ideas worth spreading” to her classroom, she and a dynamic volunteer group launched TEDxYouth@Austin, building an engaging experience for area youth. An encourager, connector, and catalyst, she is excited about this Common Threads event!